Open Climb

31st March 2022 Uncategorised lorna

Who is welcome: Any adult, or a young person with a parent/guardian. You don’t need any equipment or previous climbing experience, but you will need to pay the Tower for entry and equipment hire (around £13.20).

When: First Saturday of the month

Where: Tower Climbing Centre in Beaumont Leys

What to do when you arrive: Enter the Leicester Leys Leisure Centre (Beaumont Way, Beaumont Leys, Leicester LE4 1DS) and head to the Tower Climbing Centre reception desk. Ask at the front desk if you’re not sure where to go. At the Tower, you’ll need to pay for casual entry if you’re not a member. If you don’t have climbing shoes or a harness, you will need to hire them. (Prices are here.) Ask the person working at the desk to point out the club members to you or introduce you. We will be in the room with the main climbing wall.

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