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15th May 2018 admin

The club was founded in 1978 and has since flourished: we now boast 42 members, and several of these are club founders. Because of the variety of age ranges of our club members – the eldest is 71(!), the youngest 13 – we have a range of experience when it comes to climbing. This means that we happily accommodate all levels of climber, from the novice who has not yet bought a harness, to those confident enough to lead routes that some of us would not dare to attempt. However, our activities are not limited to climbing: along with our weekly climbing meets, we frequently go hiking, biking, some of our more daring members are not opposed to a caving trip, and we also frequently go camping inside and outside of the UK. We have several annual camping and climbing meets planned for the remainder of this year, the majority of which are in Wales, and we are always looking for recommendations of other places…

Our last camping trip was a great success. Nine club members camped in North Wales, where we introduced some of our newer members to the delights of ‘trad’ climbing and leading. After spending an afternoon on the Upper Tier at Tremadog, our newest members’ confidence in their outdoor climbing ability was boosted; they felt competent enough to join our more experienced group in scaling ‘Outside Edge’ at Craig Yr Ogof – a multi-pitch climb, the next day. After a long day on the crag, it was decided that we would head off for some retail therapy on our final day (that BMC affiliation comes in handy sometimes!), but not before two of our members whipped up ‘Christmas Curry’ on Craig Bwlch y Moch while some of us donned our wetsuits at the beach to partake in some body boarding – we are certainly a varied bunch!

Whatever your mountaineering passion, please feel free to message us, find out where we are, and come along and meet the group… and also bring your ideas along – we all love to give new things a go.

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